We are experienced and thorough in our work, assessing the situation on a case-by-case basis and ultimately ensuring that we treat every inch of the infested space to rid you of the infestation once and for all, along with making recommendations as to how it can be prevented from happening again.

Anchor Pest Control are specialists in Harlequin Ladybird pest control and removal. We are customer focused in everything we do. Your satisfaction is key to our business and that is why we offer a guaranteed service. Our technicians are experienced, discreet and friendly.

We are leading ladybird pest control company dedicated to helping customers solve their ladybird infestation problems once and for all.

As far as pests are concerned, ladybirds are generally considered some of the tamest. It’s true that when they’re by themselves, they are harmless to people, animals and property – however, if they nest in large numbers within your home, they can become a major nuisance.