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Dragonflies are large flying insects. They have been on earth for many years. Fossil records suggest that dragonflies in the Jurassic period may have been much larger than modern dragonflies. Dragonflies are members of the insect order Odonata. There are several species in the United States.

Dragonflies are predators throughout their life and consume a myriad of animals. On the menu are insects, including pests such as flies and mosquitoes. For this reason dragonflies are considered beneficial to man.

Dragonflies do not infest indoors and therefore would not have any signs of infestation.

Most dragonflies can be considered beneficial. Some people call them “mosquito hawks” because they eat mosquitoes. They also eat gnats, flies and other flying insects. Dragonflies have even been seen eating winged termites as they fly out of the ground. In some cultures, dragonflies are considered good luck. In other cultures, they are considered bad luck.

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