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Post Construction Treatments

Post Construction Ant-Termites Treatments

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Termite proofing is extremely important for new structures. Moreover, it is less expensive and more effective when done pre-construction compared to post construction treatments. Wise and savvy architects always specify pretreatment, knowledgeable builders include it in every structure they erect, and prospective buyers should demand it for any new house they buy or build.

Pre-treatment is far better than post treatment. Post treatment (after you get termites) is actually a “spot” treatment. You can drill a thousand holes, but there will still be places you can’t reach, no matter how hard the exterminator tries. With a proper pretreatment, the soil next to the foundations is treated with a termiticides and is sealed in after the foundations are in place.

Benefits of Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment Services

Properly Treatment

Structures are sometimes able to resist termites for a much longer period of time, and termiticides applied during construction are generally applied to areas that are unavailable after construction is complete. This one fact would tend to make pre-treatments preferable to post treatments.

Anchor Pest control

Guarantees protection against termite attack by providing the market’s best termite control products. We offer periodic inspection as well.


Is easier than curing: If you go for a post-construction anti termite treatment, it will be too late because the termites must have already started doing some sort of destruction to the foundation, walls or the wooden attachments in your home. But if you go for a pre construction treatment, it will help you eradicate the termite infestation from its root, and will prevent your building from further infestation.

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