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Tobacco Fumigation

Fumigation Carried out is stored place or entire warehouse

Tobacco & Cigarettes Production Factory Fumigation

Tobacco & Cigarettes Production Factory Fumigation

Anchor Pest has the capability to fumigate tobacco in warehouses, containers, at our site or yours.

Our efficient team and effective phosphine fumigation of tobacco is designed to eliminate the risk of infestation by the cigarette beetle and tobacco moth. Our patented process allows for the optimum pest-kill rate with the minimum emission of any pest-control agent into the atmosphere, the health and safety aspects of the procedure being of major importance. From the moment the proper amount of fumigant is introduced into the structure, environmental conditions are maintained and monitored.


Tobacco leaves requires very long periods of storage and its preservation for such a long time harbours tobacco-pests. Management of tobacco pests is a very specialized job. If regular fumigation, monitoring it and quality ascertainments are not properly done. It becomes very difficult to control the tobacco beetle menace and the losses or damages due to weight, quantity, time & expenses on storage and management are very heavy..


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