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Pre Construction Treatments

Pre- Construction Anti-Termites Treatments

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

ANCHOR PEST CONTROL AND TRADING LLC have a team for pre construction termite treatment. Our treatment is something that everyone must do because it will help you protect your new building and other wooden fixtures from termite infestation. Even when compared to post construction treatment, pre construction anti termite treatment is considered much effective and cost-effective too.

If you want to prevent your home from termite infestation before it starts to build up, then go for pre construction termite treatment. And after construction if you find termite infestation, then go for post construction termite treatment. But now, let us focus on the procedures the pest exterminators use in a pre construction anti-termite treatment.

Benefits of Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment Services

Less expensive & Long Life

It is always less expense to treat termite infestation during construction (pre construction), than after the construction is completely done (post-construction). Why low? Because the steps involved in pre construction anti termite treatment is lesser than the steps of post-construction treatment. So obviously if there are lesser steps, the cost will be automatically lowered.

Fewer obstacles

In case of pre construction anti termite treatment, the skilled pest controllers will have a better access over the main affected corners of the building, and will not have much obstacles such as walls. This results in a complete treatment with maximum coverage. But when you have already built the complex, you’ll have plenty of obstacles as you’ll not be able to smoothly cover the area.

Prevention is easier than curing

If you go for a post-construction anti termite treatment, it will be too late because the termites must have already started doing some sort of destruction to the foundation, walls or the wooden attachments in your home. But if you go for a pre construction treatment, it will help you eradicate the termite infestation from its root, and will prevent your building from further infestation.

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